Why Browning Port and Resort is a favorite destination among boaters and island visitors?

Spectacularly built at browning harbor this Browning resort is among the favorite destination for many who are island visitors, boating lovers and adventurers who want to explore the Southern Gulf Islands. An overnight moorage, a convenience, facilities of laundry and shower, tent and camping, seasonal outdoor pool, ATM, WiFi as well as convenient access to local shopping are among the available facilities at marina port.

For arranged the development plans the property has now been successfully rezoned. The phase 1 of the Browning redevelopment recently finished. For the highland property working are done through the planning and underproduction stages. There has been developed a great balance between old and new. One can easily access the local organic products, pub fare, and classic beers and can catch fresh seafood along with micro-brews.

Public Moor-age in Browning Port Harbor

In the British Columbia gulf islands port browning is formed between north and south pander island. At the head of the inlet there is a government dock and commercial Browning. Pender canal Leads to Bedwell Harbour from port browning.
There is also the facility public moorage in port browning Harbour . A walk on approach to two floats totaling 120 feet are including in the dock. By long term resident moorage, the Coast Guard Auxiliary vessel and dinghies boats anchored in the Harbor taken up all the space. It may be required to raft up when the visitors are invited.
Convenient anchorage with a mud bottom are maintained by port browning. The ample float space for visitors are provided by marina on the south side of the bay. It has pender island’s main shopping area and the Harbour is a short walk from the Driftwood center.
There are two dining venues of Browning Port and Resort. The first one is with large windows facing the East is the family Port Browning Pub that overlooks the bay. The second one is the adult bar, where only adults are allowed is named as Bridgeman’s Bistro. It is at the back of the building and has a separate entrance. , Bridgeman’s Bistro is classy with modern finishes is completed in 2017. It is also giving the offers like beer on tap and specially wines. The atrial views of the marina and kayaking activities are provided by A glass enclosed side patio. At the both dining venues similar menu selection are given. It is very amazing place for the visitors.